A Day in the Life


How can we possibly fit all of this into three hours?

Theme-integrated classrooms with structured learning centers throughout, allow children to move, choose and develop at their own pace.

Let us give you a glimpse into how this works for one of our students…

Sammie arrives at 8:50 AM and is greeted when she comes into the classroom. All the centers are ready for her to explore. She decides that she wants to start her day by writing a letter to her grandma describing how well she is doing in school. She goes to the WRITING Learning Center and starts her letter on a sheet of paper. Depending on her writing skills, she may enlist the help of a teacher or story friend (parent volunteer). Sammie decides to draw and attach a picture of the pumpkin that she chose yesterday while on the OACP Pumpkin Patch field trip. She then gets her envelope, puts her letter in it, seals it, addresses it and puts a stamp (sticker) on it and puts it in her school bag to take home. Sammie is ready to choose her next learning center after she puts her markers and other materials away, leaving it complete and clean for the next child.


  • Self-help skills (taking care of personal belongings)
  • Independence (choice of centers)
  • Oral language skills (dictation, thought processes)
  • Fine motor skills (use of writing tools)
  • Writing skills
  • Use of appropriate materials needed for correspondence
  • Awareness of others
    (cleaning up after using center, so that it will be ready for the next child)

“Learning Center Time” lasts about an hour each day. After that, children may participate as a group in an outdoor activity, music and/or dance, story time, cooking time, Al’s Pals, a handwriting lesson, Chapel, or some other group activity.