Developmentally Appropriate


The early years are a wonderful time of discovery. Not only is it a time of accelerated learning, it is also a time when children develop their attitudes about learning. The habits and patterns established during these years prepare a child to navigate opportunities and obstacles in the future. For that reason, Open Arms Christian Preschool is committed to providing positive learning experiences that encompass the whole child’s development.


Mental / Cognitive

Learning Areas

The child develops the ability to think critically, reason, question, experiment and solve problems.
  • Approaches situations and events with curiosity
  • Shows persistence in approaching tasks
  • Applies existing knowledge to new context
  • Recognizes patterns
  • Compares and measures

Social and Emotional

Learning Areas

The child grows in understanding and love for themselves, their families and others in their world. They develop a positive self-concept, self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline.
  • Demonstrates self-care habits involving health, safety, and nutrition
  • Follows routines and rules
  • Develops respect for classroom environment and cultural diversity


Learning Areas

The child grows in awareness that God made them and loves them.
  • Develops concepts about God and his creations
  • Utilizes the Bible to understand God’s teachings and how people should relate to each other


Learning Areas

The child enhances both gross motor and fine motor skills.
  • Develops locomotive and balance skills
  • Improves eye-hand movement and coordination


Learning Areas

The child develops language, listening and speaking skills and learns to express his/ her thoughts and feelings appropriately.
  • Participates in conversation: Expands vocabulary and sentence usage
  • Comprehends printed material and dialogue