How Does Your Child Learn Best?

Does your child enjoy…

  • Drawing with shaving cream on trays or sculpting with clay? (Tactile Learner)
  • Yoga or balancing on a balance beam? (Vestibular Learner)
  • Moving through an obstacle course or kneading dough to make pretzels? (Proprioceptive Learner)
  • Exploring with colored tiles on a light table (Visual Learner)
  • Keeping the beat using rhythm instruments? (Auditory Learner)

Open Arms Christian Preschool™ gives your child the opportunity to learn how they learn best. By providing a solid foundation, you’re also providing your child with the tools they’ll need to take those next steps in their educational path.

Different Sensory Learning Styles

Children develop their senses at different levels and ages. Some children prefer one sense over another. Here at Open Arms, we help the children experience the world through all their senses.