I am pleased with Al’s Pals, Chapel and the focus on Christian values. I am happy my Pre-K’r receives direct instruction in handwriting. My children experience something exciting, artistic and creative every day; they are inspired to learn,…create and build.

I think every aspect of curriculum implementation is exceptional. I know every day what experiences my children have had. The activities are developmentally appropriate, well-planned, and integrated thematically.

Open Arms has done an excellent job of educating my child for the past three years. I have had teachers work proactively to support my child’s development. My child is very well-prepared for kindergarten after attending Open Arms.

Excellent communication, personable environment, wonderful, caring staff, adherence to ‘best practices’ for Pre-K student, truly a model Preschool.

We are so happy with Open Arms. You are truly a model program. Thank you for all that you do to enrich and nurture (our daughter’s) learning experience. We look forward to many more years with (her younger brother).

Open Arms is a fantastic school! They care about the students and the parents and they really make a positive impact on our lives. My son has learned so much from them. I am so happy with the school that I plan to send my daughter there in a year and a half when she is ready for school. We love Open Arms!

What I was reading in early childhood magazines was already in my child’s classroom. Wow!

My child has had a very positive experience at Open Arms. Her favorite thing to play at home is ‘school’ and I know it is because school is one of her favorite places to go!

The exceptional teachers and the theme-oriented curriculum provided a balanced program of fun, creative exploration and learning. Our children’s transition to Kindergarten was easy because the Open Arms pre-K classes prepared them so well.

The teachers at Open Arms are so dedicated and passionate about their students. This dedication plus the Christian foundation and close-knit, loving nature of the school have created a very nurturing environment for our daughter.

“Open Arms is a fantastic school and learning environment. My child is happy and well-adjusted. He looks forward to going to school each day. He enjoys his classmates and loves his teachers. The teachers are very patient and kind with the children. The classroom activities are well-organized. The children are very engaged by the teachers and are constantly being presented with new ideas. Positive reinforcement and coping skills are taught. I would not change one single thing. We have had a fantastic experience.”